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The Now

Cucina Cufone is a mobile catering service that specialises in authentic wood-fired pizzas. We strive to create the ultimate food experience by creating pizzas that are hand crafted pieces of art. Our pizzas are made using the highest quality of fresh, local and imported ingredients. With our homemade dough and tomato sugo, there is a lot of genuine love in every bite. At Cucina Cufone, food is a way of life.

We can create a unique package and menu to suit your next event or function.
Or you can find us on a street near you – serving up wood-fired pizzas and Mediterranean Street food from our mobile pizzeria

The Past

A young Justin Cufone would not recognise the impact that several family trips to Italy would have on his culinary future.
In 2008, down a narrow-cobbled lane, he was handed a slice of pizza that changed everything …A memorable slice of Napoletana pizza, a contemporary classic that played host to only a few ingredients.
Years later, he returned to the village where his grandparents were born and was inspired by the culinary principles of the region. He learnt that pizzas should be ‘simplistically beautiful’.

After returning to Australia he was determined to do his part to preserve and showcase the traditional Italian way.

The first wood-fired oven was built and soon after Justin and wife Amal began their quest in creating memorable pizza.

Cucina Cufone was born…This little mobile pizzeria pays homage to its origins. Bringing to life traditional recipes, using the highest quality of ingredients, served with a modern, lively flavour.

Cucina Cufone will provide the ultimate food experience.

So, it’s simple…

“For where the olive trees grow, is where we call home.”
You’re all invited – Mangiamo! (Let’s eat!)

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